01/12/2020 -A Dance of the Past Out on 7th of December!

A Dance of the Past will be out on Monday. You can check this space or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, for information on Launch Day Discounts!

24/09/2020 - Book 3 Final Title and Publication Date

A Dance of the Past is the final title. It took a lot of thought, and a lot of puns. Over 170k words into the first draft. Publication will take place early December 2020

19/08/2020 - Book 3 Working Title

Show Me Your Scars. Over 140k words into the first draft and I only thought of a working title now. 

And yes, editing is going to be a female dog.

25/07/2020 - Publication Day!

Good Boys Break Your Heart is finally out. You can buy it in Amazon. Soon to come on Kobo.

Find out more about the book and how to get it HERE.