Southwater Stories Vol. 3

A Dance of the Past

Jo lost everything thirteen years ago. Now, the time has come to recover some of it. She wants her family home back.

Big, drowned in overgrown vegetation, the house is about to be demolished. If only she could speak to the man who bought it ten years ago…

When she remembers he is a client of her ex-boss, it lights up a beacon of hope.

The problem is that her ex-boss is also her ex-lover. Mouthwatering, hot as sin, Adam Lucas holds the key to her dream.


The motions, that’s what Adam goes through every day.

And the motions are hard. His business partner is trying to get rid of him. His ex-boyfriend is dragging him into his misery and, to add insult to injury, his assistant can’t even remember to come to work.

He misses his Jo, and for whole other reasons than her ability to manage his schedule.

If only he could get her back…

Now she needs a favour, and he needs an assistant.

The past is chasing Jo and Adam harder than ever. Will they let it come between them again, or will they defeat it once and for all?