Angel Falls Vol. 1

Anything For Him

What do you do when you suddenly find yourself fantasizing about one of your best friends?

Noah Archer and the cast of the paranormal show Angel Falls are a close-knit group, but after he was forced to leave the show, things started to change. They all did their best to remain in touch as much as possible – except one. Noah felt CK and he were growing apart and desperately wanted to stop that from happening.

CK wasn’t aware he would be so nervous when he accepted to help Noah with his mysterious new project, but he couldn’t even bring himself to knock at the door. Noah had the body of a Greek God and the face of a prince and CK had worked hard to hide the fact he had been in love with his friend since the day he set eyes on him. It had worked too.

Until now.

As Noah and CK get closer and accept their feelings, not all their friends seem happy about it – especially Ethan, Noah’s best, oldest friend.

Will Ethan’s interference come between Noah and CK or will if make their bond stronger?

This is a friends to lovers, super spicy, gay romance.