Girl in the Dark Vol. 1

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Hunted by Darkness

Sarah doesn’t know who she is. Everything is out of shape, out of order, in the dark, and no only because she lost her memory.
And now it’s time to go home, a place she can’t remember, filled with people that give her the creeps. Her family, her friends, even her so-called boyfriend.
Only one person comforts her, and she doesn’t even know him. The red-headed boy who watched her from outside the hospital.

Gabriel has kept away for as long as he could. There is no reason for him to be standing outside every day, watching her. And yet, he is unable to walk away. It would be better for her, but he has to make sure she is safe. No matter what they say, bringing her in will only make her suffer.
But when the shadows start to engulf her, he has to make a decision. Staying away is not an option anymore.
As they try to escape the darkness that threatens to swallow them, will their feelings get in the way? Will they keep running, or will they fight back?