Southwater Stories Vol. 1

Across the Line

Jo doesn’t like sex.

Her mind wanders to the shopping list and the laundry basket, while the thrusting and grunting happen elsewhere. Oh well, she hasn’t had a boyfriend in ages anyway.

Sophisticated and elegant, Adam is her new boss and will put an end to her quiet life. Silent, his icy blue eyes watch everything in his private, adult club, especially Jo.

And if the way he looks at her was not enough, the club is full of excitement, seduction and glamour.

While desire, and maybe more, flourishes in her chest, the past and the club will come between them. Will they be able to let each other in, or will it be all too much for Jo and Adam?

This is Sophie-Anne Monroe’s first novel where she explores body positivity and the possibility of creating an environment where women can experience their sexuality in safety, where a man can ask permission and the mood not be altered for it.


“Can’t begin to explain how much I loved this book. Engaging characters that you truly root for. Plot lines that have you wanting to shake people one minute and crying with relief that they made the right choices the next.” – Cinnomen Matthews.

“I loved that there were LGBT+ characters allowed to be actual people first and not solely defined by any particular label.” – Roberta O’Neil

“A great read and some of the hottest sex scenes you can ask for.” – Elaine Roberts